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TFT, Your Membrane Partner
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Сотрудник и дистрибьютор
NANJING TANGENT FLUID TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (TFT) has established a very successful network of business partners worldwide who promote and sell our wide range of CRM Ceramic Membrane Products in their local markets.

TFT commits to grow our global business and establish long-term and profitable distribution network. We are currently looking for experienced OEM Partners/Distributors/Sales Agents worldwide within the membrane sector, to promote and sell our membrane products. TFT is looking to expand our representation in Europe,South Asia(India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia), Middle East, Africa, and other countries.
Benefits for TFT's  partners and distributors:
-High quality CRM ceramic membranes
-Customization of membrane equipment
-Sales incentives with handsome profit
-Preferential project authorization
-Support for membrane project operations
-Share on membrane experience and know-how
-Assistance on project drawings like PFD,P&ID,3D Assembly, Automation
-Training on membrane products and engineering technology
-Training on sales strategies, sales skills, management
-Products and industrial solutions
-Commercial support
-Agent policies and business guidance

Companies with following attributes are to be considered:
- Extensive knowledge of membrane filtration technology
- Experience of selling machinery in process industry
- Engineering experience on water treatment
- A passionate and creative team
- Proven successful track record in negotiating, submitting and winning tenders/orders
- Existing contacts and established routes to market are essential

If you are interested or require further details please contact us enclosing a full company profile and what makes you fit for the agency.Please contact us today at info@tftfluid.com .

Join us now, let's move forward on membranes to win benefit together!
Download: Distributor Questionaire.pdf
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